Unhealthy Foods

Unhealthy Foods

Below is a list of some common unhealthy foods that you should try to remove from your diet.  See our list of healthy foods for some healthy alternatives.

Unhealthy Meats

(Any highly processed meat that is high in fat.  Use lean cuts of meat instead.)

Fatty cuts of meat
Processed lunch meat
Hot dogs
Canned meat
Hamburger (more than 15% fat)

Unhealthy Grains

(The following are refined grains which are high glycemic.  Refined grains have been milled, a process that removes the bran and germ.  Try using whole grains instead.)

Cornbread (from refined corn meal)
Corn tortillas (from refined corn meal)
Flour Tortillas (from white flour)
Pasta (from white flour)
Pitas (from white flour)
Refined breakfast cereals
White Bread
White sandwich buns or rolls
White rice

Dairy Products

(Most whole diary products are high in saturated fat.  Try using reduced-fat alternatives instead.)

Whole milk
Cheese (whole cheese is very high in fat)
Whole eggs (OK in moderation)
Cream cheese
Cottage cheese
Ice cream

Unhealthy Oils

(The following oils are all high in saturated fat.  See our healthy foods list for a list of healthy oils.)

Beef fat
Chicken fat
Pork fat
Stick Margarine
Palm oil


(Below is a list of common foods that are unhealthy with an explanation as to why they're unhealthy to the right.)

Baked beans (high in sugar)
Chicken pot pie (usually high in fat)
Ramen Noodles (high glycemic and sodium)
Saltine crackers (high glycemic and sodium)
Soft drinks (high glycemic)
Eggnog (high in sugar and cholesterol)
Fruit juice with added sugar (high glycemic)
Alcohol (more than one drink per day)
Chocolate (high glycemic)
Cake (high glycemic)
Cookies (high glycemic)
Bagel and cream cheese (high in saturated fat)
Corn chips (high glycemic and high in fat)
Potato chips (high glycemic)
(Any kind of fried chips)
Dough nuts (high glycemic)
French fries (high glycemic and high in fat)
Granola bars (usually high in fat and sugar)
Mayonnaise (high in saturated fat)
Tartar sauce (high in fat)
Peanut butter (high in fat and sugar)
Corn dogs (high glycemic and high fat)
Microwave popcorn (high in fat)
(Just about any fast food)