USB Drive Installation Instructions

Installing Weight Wizard to a USB drive is easy, there are only a few simple things that need to be done.

  • Make sure your USB drive is inserted. Run the installation just like you normally would. Make sure that you install Weight Wizard to a folder called 'Weight Wizard' on your USB drive (it is very important to name the folder 'Weight Wizard'). You can create the folder from the 'Choose Destination Location' window in the installation program. The installation will create an icon on your desktop to run Weight Wizard from your USB drive.
  • To create an icon for Weight Wizard on a second computer (one where it hasn't been installed), just create a shortcut on the desktop that points to the file 'Weight Wizard.exe' on your USB drive. It doesn't have to be installed to run on the second computer. (When you run Weight Wizard for the first time on a computer where it has not been installed, you will get a login prompt, just click on OK. It will only come up once the first time you run Weight Wizard.)

In summary: Install it to a folder named 'Weight Wizard' on your USB drive and create a shortcut to the 'Weight Wizard.exe' file on other computers where you want to run it.

If you are not sure how to do what was explained above, there are more detailed instructions below.

Detailed Instructions

Installing Weight Wizard to a USB flash memory drive is almost the same as a normal installation, except that you need to change the installation to a different folder on your USB drive. To install to a USB drive, make sure the USB drive is inserted and run the installation program the same as you would for a normal installation. When you get to the window in the installation called "Choose Destination Location", click on the Browse button to change the destination location.


The "Browse for Folder" window will come up as shown below. In this window, scroll down until you find the drive letter where your USB drive is located. In the example below, it's drive letter E, but yours may be different. Click on the drive letter and then click on the "Make New Folder" button. Type in the name "Weight Wizard" for the folder name and then hit the return key to save the folder name. When you are finished, it should look similar to the example below. It's important that you create a new folder named "Weight Wizard" for the installation. Skipping this step can cause problems during the installation process. Next, click on the OK button.


The Destination Folder should now say 'E:Weight Wizard' as the example below (please note that your drive letter may different than E). That's it, you can now click on the Next button and complete the installation. It may take a few minutes for the files to be copied to your USB drive. When the installation is finished, you will have an icon on your desktop that will start Weight Wizard from your USB drive. Whenever you want to run Weight Wizard, just make sure the USB drive is plugged in and click the icon on your desktop to start it.


To run Weight Wizard from another computer, you can either run it directly from the USB drive or create a short cut on desktop. To run it directly from the USB drive, just browse to the location on the USB drive where it is installed and double click on the 'Weight Wizard.exe' file from Windows Explorer.

To create a shortcut, right click anywhere on the desktop and select new shortcut from the pop-up menu.


You should get a window like the one below. Click on the browse button and find the USB drive letter in the 'My Computer' section. Open the Weight Wizard folder and select the file called 'Weight Wizard.exe' (It should have the Weight Wizard apple icon.).


You should now have a window that looks similar to the one below.


Click on the Next button, click on the next button again to use the default name and then click Finish. You should now have an icon on your desktop that you can use to start Weight Wizard. Just make sure your USB drive is inserted and double click this icon to start Weight Wizard from the USB drive.