Benefits of Using Weight Wizard

Weight Wizard is designed to give you the tools and knowledge that you need to lose weight and keep it off permanently. The majority of diets people go on fail because they never learn how to eat right while they are on the diet. Once they go off the diet they quickly revert back to their old eating habits and quickly gain the weight back, plus a few extra pounds. This can be devastating to one's self esteem. Weight Wizard not only helps you lose the weight initially, but it also helps you to learn how to eat right while using it. So when you have lost the weight that you want to lose you can keep it off by making a permanent lifestyle change.

Eating right doesn't have to be difficult and you don't have to have a degree in nutrition to know what foods are good for you and which ones to avoid. When you use Weight Wizard over a period of time, eating right will become like second nature. You will learn to recognize which foods to eat and which foods to avoid by becoming aware of their nutritional values, such as fat, carbohydrates, protein, saturated fat, cholesterol, fiber, etc.. Weight Wizard helps you learn along the way by allowing you to visualize the nutritional values of the foods that you are eating.

Unfortunately, most people have been bombarded with lose-weight-quick schemes that promise them a magic pill or unrealistic weight loss. Most of these diets are unhealthy, very difficult to stay on for long periods of time and they usually don't work. People may lose water weight temporarily, but they gain it all back once they come off the diet. Many people that have tried these types of diets feel like they have been cheated and they probably have been. We've all seen the false claims, such as “Lose 25 Pounds in 10 Days Drinking Herbal Tea” or “Eat as Much as You Want and Lose Weight While You Sleep”. These modern day snake oil salesmen are simply trying to take your money. Not only do these scam artists steal peoples money, but they also confuse people on how to lose weight in a safe, effective way.

There are no magic tricks to losing weight. To lose weight, you simply have to consume less energy from the foods that you eat than what your body burns. When you do this for a period of time, your body uses its fat reserves to make up for the loss of energy. If anyone tells you anything different they are most likely either lying to you or misinformed. The secret is to eat the right foods in the right portions, so that you can lose weight while feeling good, maintaining a high level of energy and not being hungry. Weight Wizard gives you all of the tools to do this on your own.

Weight Wizard makes prepackaged meal plans and diet clinics obsolete. Prepackaged meal plans can cost hundreds of dollars per month for just one person. Most people who have tried prepackaged diet plans don't like the food and the limited variety. With Weight Wizard, you prepare the foods yourself, in the privacy of your own home, so the food will taste better and you will have a much larger variety from which to chose.

Diet clinics are extremely expensive and having to go to meetings can be very inconvenient. Weight Wizard is like having your own personal diet clinic, in the privacy of your own home.

How to use this guide to help design a weight loss plan

This guide is designed to give you an overview of the key parts of Weight Wizard and then show you how to put everything together to create a weight loss plan, specifically designed for your needs. This guide will give you an overview of how to create a new profile, plan your meals and exercises in the Planner, record your meals and exercises in the Journal, use the graphs and charts to monitor your progress and use the recipes in the Weight Wizard database. The Summary section then shows you how to tie everything together to create a weight loss plan that is specifically tailored to your needs. It also contains a Summary Outline that you can easily print out to help when you first get started with Weight Wizard.